We believe that businesses have a responsibility to make a positive impact on society and the environment. We are committed to incorporating Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility into every aspect of our operations, aiming to create a more sustainable and equitable future for all. These are our three priorities:

Empowered from day one

We nurture talent from the start. Even as a junior team member, you’ll have access to opportunities to take on high-responsibility roles and ownership of projects. Through this approach, you’ll have the chance to unleash your full potential and develop your leadership skills in a real-world setting.

The best way to learn and grow is by taking on challenges, analyzing situations critically, and strategizing effectively. Your contributions matter, and we’ll provide the support and trust needed to excel.
Innovation is our middle name, and we want you to be a part of it. We value fresh perspectives and creative thinking. When you have a new idea or a better approach, we’ll encourage you to voice it and explore it. It’s all about making breakthroughs and pushing boundaries – together.

Embrace the international experience

Join a team that operates on a global scale. You will have the opportunity to work in an international setting, understanding diverse perspectives and gaining invaluable cross-cultural experiences – both with our clients and our own team.

Collaborating in a diverse team from different backgrounds not only enhances creativity and innovation but also fosters a deeper understanding of global markets and customer needs. It also provides you with the chance to grow your global network. With colleagues, partners, and clients spanning across different continents, you’ll have a vast and diverse community of professionals to connect with and learn from.

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Creating value through
diversity and inclusion

C4 - IC

our people

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Creating value through
diversity and inclusion

We treat diversity and inclusion as fundamental principles that shape our corporate identity. Our strength lies in the unique perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences of our team. We actively seek to create an inclusive environment that values and respects the richness of our differences. This builds both a better place to work and a greater value for our clients.

Equal opportunities
We believe in providing equal and fair opportunities to everyone. We actively work to remove any barriers that hinder the advancement of underrepresented groups and create fair and transparent systems for recruitment, promotion, and personal development.
Transparency and fairness
We constantly review compensation practices to ensure fairness. We transparently communicate compensation structures and ensure that they are based on clear and objective criteria.
Dissemination of Diversity & Inclusion values
We encourage open dialogue to foster a sense of belonging and psychological safety. We challenge bias and discrimination by motivating people to “call it out” and taking unacceptable behaviors seriously. We are committed to fostering a learning culture and raising awareness around diversity, inclusion, and unconscious biases.
Our work on building a diverse and inclusive culture is an ongoing journey. By actively listening to employees, clients and partners, as well as by being aware of the ever-changing landscape, we continuously evolve and adapt.
We celebrate diversity in all its forms, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, and socioeconomic status. Visit our careers page to find open positions.

Empowering our people

We understand the importance of investing in our employees’ well-being and are committed to creating an environment where they can thrive both personally and professionally. Work-life balance, as well as continuous learning and development is essential for maintaining a healthy and happy workforce.
We proudly stay away from the traditional consulting model where work does not leave room for anything else in life. We discourage individual or group practices that go against our values on this matter. We also offer a hybrid working model to reduce commuting efforts.
We provide ample opportunities for our employees to enhance their skills and expand their knowledge. Through training programs, workshops, and mentorship initiatives, we foster a culture of growth and personal advancement. A sponsorship program is also in place to support external education aligned with personal goals.
We promote physical activities and a healthier lifestyle among employees. Such activities foster teamwork, improve relationships, and create a positive and cohesive company culture. It also builds creative and focused individuals.

Building a Greener Future

Through ongoing efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, minimize waste generation, and promote responsible consumption, we strive to be an environmental steward. The need to address pressing environmental challenges such as climate change, resource depletion, and pollution, is urgent. We are dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact and actively working towards a greener, more sustainable world.
Sustainable operations
It’s in our DNA: our remote business model allows us to provide an exceptional service to our clients with a reduced carbon footprint, avoiding unnecessary travelling. In our offices there is a 50% attendance target, which contributes to reducing commuting emissions. We encourage public transportation whenever possible.
We give preference to suppliers and partners who prioritize sustainability. We employ our best efforts to source products and services from companies with a strong environmental track record, such as those using renewable energy, practicing ethical sourcing, or offering sustainable packaging options.
From LED lighting to real cups instead of single-use, filtrated tap water and other small details, we do our best to make our offices as eco-friendly as possible. With these actions we promote environmental awareness and knowledge within the company.