Finance & Strategy


LGG Advisors is designed to operate as a cutting-edge and forward-thinking firm dedicated to empower businesses with the knowledge and expertise needed to thrive in today’s dynamic and ever-evolving marketplace. With a strong commitment to excellence, we pride ourselves on delivering innovative and customized solutions that drive sustainable growth and foster long-term success for our clients.

Our extensive experience allows us to analyse complex challenges, identify opportunities, and develop actionable strategies that propel businesses towards achieving their goals and unlocking the full potential of their teams. In addition, LGG’s expertise across different industries brings sector-specific technical knowledge and insightful analysis.

We are specialists in several areas:

Commercial Due Diligence

We have been involved in all the critical phases of a Commercial Due Diligence project, such as understanding sector and market sizing, identifying trends, possible targets and risks that may lead to underperformance after acquisition, allowing for more informed decisions and strategy alignment with the target company’s potential for success.


We have also collaborated with global strategic consulting firms in end-to-end vendor due diligence projects. Those experiences allowed us to enhance our capabilities in showing sector attractiveness, demonstrating competitive advantages of a business, understanding the best possible acquirers, creating complex scenario-based financial models, and anticipating risks that could drive valuations down and preparing mitigants to those risks.


We have been working with global strategic consulting firms to help their clients develop successful M&A strategies. Our highly qualified professionals are completely integrated within the client’s teams and have participated in all stages of the M&A strategy project, including the definition of a M&A roadmap in parallel with the company’s long-term strategic ambitions, screening target search and valuation, potential synergy assessment, strategic due diligence, and well detailed integration plans.


We have supported global strategic consulting firms in elaborating strategies to help their clients generate value, creating sustainable competitive advantages, and maximising growth opportunities by increasing value generation from client asset base. From these experiences, we gained expertise in the process of looking at a business portfolio and identifying strategic growth initiatives with reduced risk of failure.
Case Studies
LGG Advisors has supported a global strategic consulting firm with a consumer discretionary client, based in Europe, in studying additional countries that could be attractive for the company to implement their business model and grow, while also identifying possible targets that would accelerate the company in gaining market share in that country. It was a growth strategy project with a successful result for the company.

LGG Advisors has supported a global strategic consulting firm with a Private Equity client in a VDD project in order to sell their stake in a company in the agriculture sector. We studied the reasons that caused that company to lose market share, and explained how the company could regain market share by preparing a detailed long-term strategy plan containing where they should invest and indicating what would be the core capabilities that it should have.